Monday, March 20, 2006

20 Centímetros (20 Centimetres) (18)

Ramón Salazar, 2005, Spain, (112 mins)
Mónica Cervera, Pablo Puyol, Miguel O’Dogherty

Marieta is a narcoleptic transsexual prostitute, yearning for a full sex change, yet cursed by the huge penis that remains between her legs. While her appendage proves to be an advantage in her profession, the sudden sleeping fits are less beneficial, as she finds herself waking up in ever more strange scenarios.
It is while Marieta sleeps that the film strikes its defining note in a series of technicolour dance extravaganzas - dream sequence wish fulfilments that revel in their own camp brashness. 20 Centimetros is a bizarre and uneven championing of life’s underdog dreamers. Kate Taylor

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